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Hi guysJ Today let’s talk about such aninteresting subject as exact numbers, statistics about marriages of Ukrainian
ladies with foreign men.
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Ukrainianwomen are increasingly married to foreigners. Over the past ten years, the
number of mixed marriages in the country has doubled: in 2008, every 30th
marriage was concluded with the foreigner but in 2017 – every 15th.
At present,the number of Ukrainian women exceeds the number of Ukrainian men by 14%. As of
2016, there were 19.7 million males and 22.8 females in Ukraine. Thus, 14 out
of 100 ladi
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es have almost no chances to find a life partner because simply
there aren’t enough men.
In recentyears, Ukraine has become a popular place for foreigners to find life’s
companions. According to statistics, the desire to find their love with
Ukrainian women is most often found by men from Spain, Israel, the United
States, Turkey and Germany.
Only fromIsrael more than 300 men go to Ukraine annually in search of Ukraine brides.
Today in Israel there are dozens of agencies specializing in organizing
“wedding tours” in Ukraine, in particular, in Odessa and Kherson, where most of
the Ukrainian wives of Israeli men come from.
Accordingto the Ministry of Justice data, almost 19 thousand marriages with foreigners
were registered in Ukraine over the past four years. Most often they are
residents of Donetsk and Kharkov regions, as well as Kiev, and for incomplete
four months of this year the amount of the marriages is 850 already.
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